Talent maker city still needs your support!

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UPDATE: We Didn't get an answer & We still need your support!

Despite delivering pages of your signatures, letters of support, a "Uniquely Talent"video (above), and a litany of economic and cultural benefits that we all stand to gain by including Talent Maker City in the Gateway Project development plans, we didn't receive a definitive "YES" or "NO" answer from the TURA Board of Directors. So, now it's time to rally!

We still believe that a bustling downtown makerspace, brimming with creative energy, is a key component in breathing new life into Talent. Let's make "YES" their only option! 


Tell TURA "YES", please Sign the petition below.


PETITION: Talent Urban renewal Agency

I support asking the Talent Urban Renewal Agency (TURA) to work with local nonprofit Talent Maker City to build a community makerspace as part of the Gateway Project. I would like TURA to provide the property to build the makerspace, find project partners and developers to include building the makerspace as a condition of the development, and sell it to Talent Maker City at cost.


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